Friday, July 27, 2012


Sport trading is a great way to make big profit from the comfort of your home. Bet trading is similiar to financial trading, instead of selling and buying currency, stock or bonds, traders trade bets. Most significant advantage of sports bet trading over forex and other financial trading are-FASTER MARKET, POSSIBILITIES (possibility to profit on every outcome), HUGE PROFIT(u can make big profit with just little stakethrough accumulating matches for example u can accumulate Man utd, barca, madrid, chelsea, arsenal and man city all to win, if stake only $1 which is 150 u are likely to get$30 which is about 3000 naira and u can withdraw it instantly to ur bank account, this is easy and simple to do. soon u will understand it), LESSER RISK (it is not compulsory that in every match u predict a winner, for example u want to bet on
(CHELSEA VS LIVERPOOL)and u are not sure about who will win this match at full time u bet on(BOTH TEAM TO SCORE) as in u are saying that chelsea will score and also liverpool will score when the matchbegin once chelsea score and liverpool score u have won the bet, be it 10mins in the match and the score is 1:1 or 2:1 or 1:3), MOBILE TRADING(also u can use your mobile phone that has internet to bet and withdraw money in ur nairastake account, u canalso use your mobile phone to sign up with your favorite sportsevent live, trade and profit the same time isn''t that great. Now let me introduce u, the leading betting exchange company in Africa, go to www.m.nairastake.comif you are using your phone and sign up with this referral code-53052, when you asked if you have a referal select yes and put this code 53052. now it works like this after u have finish signing up now u need to credit ur account to start betting, Nairastake will give u their Diamond bank account number(to get their account number after signing up, login and click fund account you would see their account number) and u will pay in any amount u want to use and start betting(u can pay at least#150 b/c #150 is equal to $1 and u can only bet with atleast $1 but i advice u 2 pay or start wit #500 so u earn more), after paying in now u send ur bank tellernumber to nairastake (to send it just login your nairastake account and click fund account, enter the amount you depositedand the teller number then submit your account would be immediately updated with the amount and you can start betting), the advantages of signing up with this referral code is that every money u deposited in your account, Nairastake will give u 100% extra bonus of the money, please note that the money deposit in naira, nairastake will change to dollar and credit ur account for example u deposit ₦3000,naira will credit uraccount with $20 dollarsplus the extra 50%bonus for using this referral code, so u bet in dollars, and when u want to withdraw ur money, nairastake will pay u in naira, Another advantage of using this referral code is that each time u make a profit of $ 50 dollars nairastake will give u extra $4 dollars as bonus. u can read more on ( www.m.nairastake.comif you using a phone) 2start beting after u registered & fund your account login remember always use www.m.nairastake.comwen u want 2login or elseit wont login go2 exchange market u see back and lay, back meansu saying a team wud win and lay means u saying the wud not win i advice u never 2lay or u loose alot in laying u get exactly wot u stake as profit but wen beting more dan wot u stake leaves ur acount, stake is d money u place or betin a match 2bet after clicking back u wud be ask 2put ur stake let sayu put $5 den u click next u wud be show ur stake and profit den click continue den u see a msgdat ur bet has been acepted. There wot we call mutiple here u gain more as u can place as much as 5matches 2geda d odd wud be mutiplied and u can stake wit any amount ranging 4rm $1 and above so u can place2,3,4 or 5 matches 2geda2do mutiple just select d match go back select again till u done den u place ur stake but d disadvantage here is datu loose once any of d teams u chose loose. To bet wit ur bonus u must do mutiple u must put 5matches 2geda. Under each match u see more market u can click on andsee oda bet option u can play wit like draw no bet dat means if there a drawur money is returned, double chance like u can say a team wud win or draw or u can say any team wins,u can also bet while the match is going on till the 90mins is over u can only find dis in nairastake so if u see a team wining just rush & bet dat d team wud win so u see it so easy 2win. Ur own ref no is in d make money menu. Wen uwant 2withdraw ur moneygo2 withdraw enter d acount name, select your bank, enter d amount u want 2withdraw & submit ur money wud be sent 2ur acount within 2working days. I have won and withdraw d money i won so u don't need 2doubt or fear it wot i do. my 2go username is maxibrainz and my phonenumber is 08162627014, you can also add me on whatsap using 08126609722. Enjoy

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