Friday, July 27, 2012


This is the real online business for Nigerians that want to be financially independent. Just visit: and register with the invitation code: 1030082134 for free and move ahead and activate your membership by paying the activation fee of #1,500 to netcontacts to be an exclusive member so that you will have the power to start inviting people and making money from each person you invite(After registeration click activate my account, you would see the bank account to pay to and other procedures you should follow. When your account have been activated login and in your home menu click on payment mode, select the first method were people you invite pay to netcontacts and click continue now you would be given a form to fill your bank details of the bank account netcontacts would be paying you through,after filling it submit that all, so when the person you refer pay the 1500 netcontacts would pay #1000 immediately into your bank account. Let me make it clear that if you don't pay the #1500 for your account to be activated, you would not be able to invite anybody with your ref code). Each person you invite to netcontacts, netcontact will pay you #1000 immediately to your bank account that you will set up in your profile during registration. i i feel like sharing this online money making machine which i use with my fellow youths in Nigeria. I am so happy to be a netcontact member. I will be so happy to see you at the top. You will make it just like as am making it. For more enquires; Call me: 08162627014 or 08185106709 we can also chat through 2go, my 2go username is maxibrainz

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