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MMM IS an abreviation which means mavrodi mondai movement, it has a nickname of money making machine. It was founded by a Russian man called sergey mavrodi in 2011 and it’s in over 118 countries but it was introduced to nigeria on nov. 17 2015, mmm is present in different countries like  mmm india, mmm usa, mmm greece, mmm south africa etc.
Kindly take your time to read this MMM is a community where people provide help and also get help, this is not networking or investment but a community. It started since 2011 and now in more than 200 countries with over 200million participants. Again, It is not networking nor MLM What MMM is all about is Providing and Getting help. Let me define some terms which I will be using in this presentation, so you would not be confused:
 GH means GET HELP that is You can PH to people and also GH from people. I will explain how it works; it is a very simple system to use. Another Term
 MAVRO: is monetary term in MMM, that is 1000 naira is equal to 1000 Mavro, the system recognizes Money as Mavro, be it naira, bitcoin, dollar etc. 
ORDER: is a request  from the system, which ask you to PH to someone. i.e when the system matches you with who you should PH to, that is called Order When you PH on the system, it means you gave the system consent that you are willing to Provide Help but it doesn’t mean you will pay out money or cash at that point. It is always advisable to PH of spare money you have. For example, if you have like spare 1000 naira somewhere and you feel you do not need this money anytime soon, you can use it to PH. Which definitely will yield Mavro of 30% more at the end of 30 days. Simple mathematics, PH of 1000 naira, in 30 days GH of 1300, that is 30% of your initial PH money has been added for you to GH. At this stage pls if you are confused kindly contact me directly  whatsapp/call 08126609722. If you want me to go on, pls continue reading You are not paying out Money instantly when you PH, it takes at most -/+30 days before you have an approve order (remember an order is when you are assigned to pay someone with the amount of help you choose to provide with) also note before the order comes your money is still with you and at the same time yielding interest in your MMM back office. (The day you PH on the system, that’s when your interest start counting in your MMM back office). --> So u can keep PH'ing everyday if you want, just remember each PH counts for 30days to get matured interest of 30% Meanwhile, from 15 days, you can GH, but it will be 15%. Do you now understand? --> In MMM, we don't have a central company account, so all transactions are direct between members!! When the system matches you with who you are to PH to, it gives you all the details Name of the person, his mobile number, his bank account no, bank name, guiders mobile number and the rest. So u pay directly to someone's account when u PH and get an order..  Thesame happens when you GH too People pay directly to your own account directly too (The account you put in MMM back office) --> So its a win-win platform for generating financial help and a good program, It is a member to member to member program. Click the link to register register here  The minimum you can start with is 2000 naira and maximum of 300k per PH It pays you 30% of whatever donations you make to it after 30 days. Another example, you donate #10,000, after 30 days, you get #3000 bonus added to it. So total of #13000.
Other opportunities available in MMM Starting Bonus If you are starting for the first time with at least #20000, you are entitled to bonus of $20 apart from your normal 30%. Note it is a one-time bonus. STARTERS BONUSES:6000 naira from 20k - 119k 15000 naira from 120k- 659k $100 from 660k n above. Secondly, referral bonus. (Note this is not a must do, but if you feel you want your sis and bro and neighbours, friends to benefit from this program, it is to your advantage also because you get 10% of whatever your referral gives as PH simple. If your referral PH #10,000, you get 10% which is #1000 simple. Let us do a 3 month calculation with spare money of #10,000 for instance Month 1, #(10,000+3000)= #13,000 If you decide to put back the #13,000 into it, you make 30% 0f #13,000, Month 2, 30% of #13,000 = #3900 #13,000+ #3,900 = #16,900 Now what if you decide to put back the whole new cash growth back into it, Month 3, 30% of #16,900 = #5,070 #16,900 + #5,070 = #21,970 Wow! That’s to say after every 3 months, you get times 3 of your initial donation. Interestingly, you can start with the lowest amount of #2,000. Whatever you donate, you get 30% after 30 days of that amount. Donate #100,000, you get 30% of it (that’s #30,000). No cheating, this is real .
 Pls note these In MMM if you open multiple accounts the system will block you, therefore avoid that If you get order for PH and you did not act on it for 48 hours, the system will block you, therefore whenever you PH, you are advised to check your dashboard once or twice a day. Whenever you PH and you contact the person, you paid the cash to his/her bank, uploaded payment evidence; you can always call the person to help you confirm it on the system if he has received the money. Payment evidence can be a screen short of your debit alert, screenshot of mail notification, teller (if you don’t use internet or mobile banking) or any sort of genuine information which you can upload to the system to show that you have completed the transaction of PH. So Now you can go ahead to join our community of donors and enjoy 30% ROI on your on the link to register for free register here
1.       Click here to register register here
2.       Click registration  and enter your name, email and password
3.       Tick the box and click register in mmm.

4.       Click provide help and enter the amount you wish to provide e.g #20,0000, your provide help request would be pending till the system would pair you with someone to send the money, this might take 7, 12, 20 24 or even 27 days but your bonus start accumulating right from the time you made the request to provide help, if you registered with #20,000 and above click on mavro and make sure your $20 start up bonus is there.
5.       Keep checking your mmm account atleast twice daily to see if the system have paired you with someone to provide help, once the system pair you with someone to provide help, you would be giving 48hrs to pay the person failure to do that you would be banned.
6.       To withdraw money click get help and enter the amount you wish to withdraw, immediately the system would pair you with someone who would pay into your bank account within 48hrs, once the person pays you and upload his payment evidence, you are to login to your account and confirm that you have received the money.
7.       To get your referral link click on participants, referrals  then click show my referral link to get your  referral link. Remember anybody you refer you get 10% of the first help the provide, assuming the start with #50,000 you get # 5000 as referral bonus

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