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It is no more news that you can make thousands of naira weekly
just predicting football matches.
I use to see some people trying to kill them self because of the
amount Messi and C.Ronaldo is  paid a month and who will win
between Man U and Chelsea without thinking how much they
themselves can
make from  same football matches, after reading this package you
will discover the secret of making money through football matches.
For instance if you stake that Barcelona will win Manchester United you will be credited if Barcelona
finally win Manchester United.
In this package we will be dealing on
due to   the difficulties in funding e-currency in Nigeria.
Lets proceed on how to bet using naira note here in our country
Nigeria, we will be dealing with a
trusted site which is
Nairastake is the easiest and one of the best  football betting site I
have ever seen.  First of all you need
to register  at   by clicking on register at the top or bottom of the page and fill the necessary information, you will see
a place you will  be ask “Do you Have a ”Refer a Friend “ code?” tick/check YES and Insert/put  this
promotional Code:  53052
Do this in order  to receive higher odd and referral bonus.
After registration a message will be send to your email just go there and confirm your registration,.
Then click menu and click on fund account and write down the
payment details e.g  Bank , Account number and Account name
and go straight to the bank and fund
your account with any amount but I advice you start with atleast #1000 if you want to make profit, you can also you’re your account using your ATM card (VISA/MASTER CARD)
Due to the high usage of mobile phone lets use it as our screenshot
After your payment login to, click menu
and click on fund  account scroll down and insert the
amount you paid, your teller number and bank you paid in the
money and click on Deposit.
Your account would be credited immediately
Now login to
 click on all leagues, select the country the league is been played, then select the league but if it an international match or international club friendly select world and select the particular match you want to bet, click on open all markets to see all the available betting options for that match in there you will see many sweet betting options, football betting is an easy way to make cool money online, you don’t necessarily need to predict the score of the match in football betting, you can just predict that a particular team would win the match by clicking on the odd e.g 2.27 under back for that particular team, you can predict that both teams would score more than one goal in the match by selecting over 1.5 or more than two goals in the match by selecting over 2.5, you can also predict that both teams would score in the match. One good thing about this particular bet site am using called is that you can bet all matches even when the have started playing the match.  During the match you would also find sweet betting options like over 0.5 first half goal, meaning if at least one goal is scored in the first half, you win your bet, so you see it so easy to make money on football betting. Your profit in football betting is calculated this way stake x odd – stake = profit, remember stake is the money you betting for that particular match
lets assume you stake with #1000 in favour of Man City  to beat Chelsea with odd 1.97, your profit would be calculated this way
1000 × 1.97 – 1000 = 970  that means #970 will be your profit if Man City finally win the  match but if reverse
become the case You will  loose your stake


Withdrawing from nairastake is as easy as ABC when you want to  withdraw your money just click on
click on Withdraw and fill in the necessary information and submit, The process will take two working
days before your money will be deposited in your bank account

How can i win a multiples bet if at least one of my selections win?
This can only happen in laying multiples.To lay an outcome, click on any selection to the right when the matches get listed.Some selections are unavailable either because there has been no backer or some layers have laid all of the backer stake for the selection.When you click on any of the selections to the right, the betslip loads to show your selection. You can add as many selections as possible and the slip updates to show the changes. After adding your desired selections, you then place a single amount on your selections. Please note that the amount you risk increases as you add more selections. Your liability is determined by the product of all the individual odds.If your accumulated odd is 20.0, this implies that when you put in #1000 as your stake, you risk (1000 x 20)-1000 that is (amount x odd)-amount, you can only lose if not even one of your selections happen, but if at least one of your selections happen, you win. Lets assume that you layed Manchester,Arsenal and Chelsea who are playing separately against different opponents at the odds below...
Manchester---Lay odd=1.3
Arsenal---Lay odd 1.5
Chelsea---Lay odd 1.2

The total odd becomes (1.3 X 1.5 X 1.2)=2.34
You then enter #1000 and you risk (1000 x 2.34)-1000 = #1340. This #1340 leaves your account after placing the bet. However if any of the three teams viz Manchester,Arsenal,Chelsea lose or play a draw...or if one or more or all of the teams loses or plays a draw, then you would win back #1000 which is exactly the amount you put in. As a result of this, the #1340 which left your account after bet placement returns and an additional #1000, the reason why your liability(amount you risk) gets higher in laying is because in layings you are more likely to win than in backings.You can lay singles or multiples. However, at least one of your selections must happen for you to win.
How can i place a multiples backing bet?
In placing a multiples backing bet, click on any selection amongst the selections listed to the left. You must first get to the matches available before doing this.To get to the matches available, click on all leagues, this takes you to the list of available matches.When you click on a selection to the left, you are backing.After clicking on it, the betslip loads to show you the selection. You can go back to the match listing and add more selections, as you do this, the betslip reloads on each occasion to show the selections. You can add up to any amount you want, after making your selection click on singles, type your stake and place your bet. Please note that in backing multiples, all your selections must happen for you to win. If even one of your selections fail, you lose. As you add more events, your prospective gain increases and this may mean that your chances of winning get slimmer since all your selections must happen for you to win. Before placing the bet, as you enter your stake, the system in real-time calculates how much you stand to gain or lose.
What are multiples
Multiples are a kind of bet that allows you to select many events and place them as one bet.Nairastake offers both multiples backing and multiples laying.
What is the Back Odd?
The Back Odd is the figure that determines how much you should win when you stake on that selection.For instance, if the Back Odd for Arsenal to win Barcelona is 3.00,and you back Arsenal with #1000,your net win should be,[(1000 x 3.00)-1000] which is #2000,if you observed, for any particular odd, you should win [(Odd x Stake)-Odd], where Odd is the Backing Odd and Stake is the amount you risk.
How do I place bets in Other Markets?
When you click on the particular match you want to bet underneath each match you'd see,'open all markets'. When you click on this for any of the matches, the available markets for this match loads below it.
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