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In Nigeria today you can start an importation business with a very little amount of money and make up to times 5 as your profit  on a particular product. I’ll reveal the secret on where you can get cheap items to buy online, how to buy them and what you need to purchase them. Also in this business you don’t necessarily need a store to start.
You can Import high quality products from all over the world for as much as 60% below wholesale or 90% off retail store prices for items ranging from laptops, mobile phones, androids, wrist watches, digital cameras, jewelries, power bank, tv tuner and so on. 

What's more, you'll learn the best kept secret of successful importers... How you can easily import from China, USA and from all over the world completely risk free. Buying goods in small scale from china, USA or else where right from your room and once they arrive, supply them at a higher price to the retailers in the local market here in Nigeria.

Before I proceed I would like to make somethings clear:

1. You dont have to go to Asia, USA or China in person, It’s actually easier to import 100% online and cheaper 99% cases
2.You can start with as low as N5000 and make three times or more profit from it.

In order to make ends meet, people nowadays not only need to have access to Multiple Streams of Income, but also businesses that bring constant streams of income. This made me to put all you need to succeed in this business into one package called ‘MINI IMPORTATION GUIDE’  at a very low price so that you start the business right from your room.
In this Mini Importation Guide you will lean: 

The exact goods to buy and where to get the from be it for personal use or business purpose

-The exact goods to buy and where to get the from be it for personal use or business purpose
- How to start off without using your own money and make cash load of profits ('O.P.M, other peoples money strategy)
- How to sell your goods offline and online without hassles. People will ring you even when you are sleeping to make enquiries about your goods
- How to identify hot in demand products that you  should import to avoid tying down your capital on goods that wouldn't sell on time
- this ebook would also show you how to avoid scammers
- it would also show you strategies to adopt to get your goods shipped to Nigeria without paying a dime for shipment
- How to bargain like a professional and get as much as 20% discount when ordering for your goods
-How to track your imported goods and ensure safe delivery
- How to outsmart  custom to avoid paying exorbitant custom duties if at all you will pay a dime

For example, the above is a 7 inches Android phone selling for just $56 + FREE shipping!

$56 should be about N8,960. My friend bought this android at $56 (N8,960) and sold it for N35,000 to his colleague in the office the next day, is that not incredible? 

Just take a look at these cheap items below bought with free shipping method from one of my cheapest import portals. The prices are in US dollars you can convert them to your local currencies. 


This quality wrist watch cost $13.44 US which is equivalent to N2,150 NAIRA. It sold  for N4,500 here,so calculate the profit

This is another quality wrist watch cost $16.98 which is equivalent to N2,700 NAIRA. It sold  for N6000 here,so calculate the profit

This 10.1” laptop cost $86 US dollars equivalent to N13,750naira. Sold for N25,000 naira each here in Nigeria. 
Blackberry:- Imagine buying a Blackberry Curve 2 Phone at the Rate of N5,000 Online and Selling at the Rate of N15,000 that same day or week, You gained N10,000 without Stress because Blackberry Phones are Hot Cakes, Now Imagine you Order for 20 Pieces of Curve 2, Thats = 5,000 * 20 = N100,000 and If you sell Each at the Rate of N15,000, The Gain is = 10,000 * 20 = 200,000 on just 20 Pieces of Blackberry Curve 2.
 This is one of my hot selling products, it is a solar power bank for mobile phones. With this you don't need to bother about unstable power supply in your area to power your phone, you can charge it using solar energy or electricity. it sold $24.99 which is #4000 and i sell it for #8000 here, cool profit right. There are many more  but let me stop here.

So, how much for this Mini Importation Guide? Its just a token of  N3000



                 So Hurry Now Get Your Copy!!!!    

Because what you're about to learn worth more than its price in GOLD, but I am ready to make everything available to you today for One Low Payment of Just
You can call me 247 for ONE-on-ONE tutorial /SEMINAR/TRAINING on MINI IMPORTATION BUSINESS. Won’t you make up your mind and start experiencing this life changing business opportunity? 

 That's it! So do not procrastinate or you could be left out.
 "The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step" so order now.

Hurry!!! Limited copies are available for this price

How To Order:

Pay =N3000 into the following account:

Bank Name : GTBank

Account Name : Okpala Chibuzor

Account Number : 0127927447



Bank Name : Fidelity Bank

Account Name : Okpala Chibuzor

Account Number : 6171018043

After payment send SMS to: 08162627014
With the following details-

"Mini Importation Guide" Your Name, Teller Number And Your Email Address.
And Your Package will be sent to your email Within one hour of Payment Confirmation.

Just to make things easy for you, I've decided to take all the risk on my shoulders and throw in a 100% guarantee...

Because I am so sure of the effectiveness of the information contained in this guide, because I'm sure the strategies outlined in this guide will save you nights of endless sleeplessness, I've covered you with a rock solid 100% no-question asked- guarantee, and have taken all the risk upon my shoulder such that, there's zero risk for you at all....
And here's my guarantee:
I had to bring in that guarantee to show you how sure I am when I say this is the best business anyone can do.

I would love to hear your success story!

                                              Start Importing Cheaply today!
for more enquiries call 08162627014 or add me on whatsap using 08126609722


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