Monday, April 15, 2013

MTN Magic Sim Trick : Browse Unlimitedly on your phone and PC With No Data Limit On MTN Network

MTN Magic Sim Trick : Browse Unlimited With No Data Limit On MTN Network
Am pretty sure you must have heard the name ‘MTN Magic Sim‘ that’s actually what’s on point on the MTN network which allows subscribed users to browse the internet without any data limit and no stipulated time.
The MTN Magic SIM does not clearly mean that its a magical sim, its just a trick which makes your browsing anonymous to the MTN service and it does not have a range of when its going to stop working neither does it have a limit to how much data you can consume so you can be sure you are browsing unlimited.

How Does The MTN Magic Sim Work?

There are some certain criteria to getting the Magic Sim to work, you might have read all over the internet that you can get the SIM for around N8000 and some sell for N5000 but wouldn’t it be better if you know how its done so that you too can make some money off the trick while its still in existence?
This trick is quite different from the BlackBerry BIS data limit extension trick, with the Magic SIM trick, you do not need to subscribe to BlackBerry  BIS or other subscriptions monthly,you don’t need to subscribe for any VPN you  just subscribe once to the MTN MAGIC SIM plan and enjoy unlimited browsing .

How Much Does The MTN Magic SIM cost?

If you have been to other sites or have been opportune to hear about this SIM before now, then you probably might have realized that most peeps are selling the SIM for different prices ranging from N3000 to N8000
 if you want  to learn how its done yourself so that you could do it for other people and make money from it  just like am doing t hen I will be giving  you the steps on how to do it for just  N2000.
Here are  answers to some questions you may ask:
1. How long would it last: it is unlimited, I have been using it for a long time now
2. How much do i need to set it up: you just need  a one time subscription that is less than #500 after that you dont need to do any other subscription again
3. Do I need to subscribe for BIS: NO, you dont need to subscribe for any BIS plan
4. Do i need to buy any VPN plan: NO you dont need any VPN
5. You can use it to browse
and download on both your PC and phone

if you need the steps on how I do it, you just make a payment of #2000 to the account below,

ACCOUNT NAME: Okpala Chibuzor
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6171018043
After payment send your full name, teller number and email to 08162627014 and I would immediately send you the steps after confirming you have paid.
For more enquiries call 08162627014

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