Monday, June 4, 2012

How to get 1,100 go credit with just #30 on 2GO

Goodday Peepz, i have just gotten a trick on 2go dat wil get u 1,100 Gocredit on 2GO with just N30, If you're doubting, then letz go there..

Step 1:- Log in into your 2go Account.

Step 2:- Go to your profile, then go to edit scroll down u wil see get go credit click it.

Step 3:- After clicking it you wil see 300 gocredit (30NGN) 550 gocredit(50NGN) AND 1,100 gocredit (100NGN)

Step 4:- Now apply this trick go to 1,100 go credit for 100NGN then u wil see send text message press N0 then go back to get 300 gocredit for (30NGN) Then click it and press allow to send text message. You just go and check your go credit in your profile it wil be 1,100 go credit instead of 300 go credit.

You can also get 3,300 go credit with just #90 by just repeating the steps, Enjoy while trick last

NOTE: This Trick was tested by me before dropping it here

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