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2go is a chatting application that works for all java, Symbian phones and it is also used on computers (pc). To download 2go on your phone you go to their website, you select your country, language, you type your phone number if you are registering you’re the number for the first time you would be given a form to fill, when you are through you select your phone type and download the 2go which would be located in your games folder. Note for pc users you go to to download it on your pc.
        When you are through with the downloading you would open the 2go, it would show preparing 2go and display your list of friends.
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This is how the 2go environment looks like.
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When chatting with your friends this how 2go looks like.
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The box shows that you have a messageDescription: C:\Users\matthew\Desktop\go\Scr000019.jpg
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This is my profile on 2go
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To chat with your friends, view profile, view profile pic, remove friend you click on option and you would find this options.
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To add friend on 2go you can add them through your phonebook, mobile number, username, facebook, gtalk and mxit.
If you add friends through your phonebook, the number you have on your phone contacts would be displayed and you can select the numbers you want to add by ticking them and clicking submit, those already on 2go would be added immediately but those noit on 2go yet would be added whenever the register on 2go.
You can add friends through username if you know the username of the person you want to add, same with phone number,gtalk and mxit.
        To add friends through facebook you need to have a facebook username you can go to to create a username. Once you have gotten the username go to your settings on 2go and select facebook gateway you would select activate, then you type your facebook username and your facebook password in the spaces provided, you would see a message congratulating you that your facebook friends have been added, you can now chat with your facebook friends on 2go.
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There are various interesting rooms on 2go but be careful about the informations you share with people, to chat on 2go rooms you need go credits.
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The go credits ranges from #30, #100 e.t.c for those in Nigeria. #
30 can get you 300 go credits, #50 can get you 525 go credits, #100 can get you 1100 go credits. You need to have credit on your phone to buy go credit.
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Under your settings on 2go you can change your presence from online to away and online depending on how you want your friends to view you. If you are online and you don’t want to be disturbed or you don’t want people to know you are online you can change your presence to offline and you would remain online and chat with those you want to chat with. You can also change your style that is the 2go background and you can change your password e.t.c. you can go to alert settings and set the sound and vibration no if you don’t want them.
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To change your profile picture you go to options and select profile pic from file and select the picture you want to use.
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You can send files like pictures, music, videos e.t.c for free on 2go. Just click on share file and select the file you want to send to the person once you are on the persons profile.
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There are various star on 2go ranging from novice which is the lowest, amateur, senior, enthusiast, professional, expert, leader, veteran, master e.t.c the more you chat the more your star progresses.

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1.  It is a means of communication which is very cheap, I can use #3 to chat with my friends on 2go for an hour and when I am in  a place were there is free wireless service I can use my 2go to chat for free till am tired, as you all know even #200 credit would not be enough to chat with anybody if you want to call the person, the call won’t last up to 30mins and all your credit is gone. All go needs is the internet connection.
2.  You can send files like music, videos, pictures all for free on 2go to any of your friends on 2go.
3.  You can use your 2go to chat with your friends in a situation were there is no network coverage but there is internet service like free wireless connection.
4.  You can also meet experts in your chosen field on 2go, I have met many computer experts on 2go and the are helping a lot.

If you are not careful you would become a 2go addict like some people I know and it would take most of your time

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